Start Small. Think Big.

Because the future of the entire Monadnock Region depends on the success of our youngest citizens.

About Us

Impact Monadnock is the signature impact initiative of Monadnock United Way.


This multi-year initiative targets all children in the Monadnock Region, from birth to age five, and their families. It was created in response to research indicating that early childhood development is one of the most critical factors determining the future of all citizens of the Monadnock Region — because what happens to our youngest residents will have a powerful impact on our community’s future success and prosperity.

A printable hand-out describing Impact Monadnock

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The Vision

All children in the Monadnock Region and their families are healthy, learning, and thriving, now and in the future.

The Mission

To prepare children from birth to age five in the Monadnock Region for future academic, career, and life success.

The Goal

All children (age 0-5) in the Monadnock Region will meet developmentally appropriate language, cognitive, social and emotional, and physical health milestones.

The most important investment we can make.

Focusing on the educational achievement and welfare of children from birth to age five creates a strong foundation for their future health, happiness and economic opportunity. And this in turn, leads to more stability and prosperity for the communities where they live.

Jeff Miller, a local retired business executive, says that by investing in early child development, we have a unique opportunity to fundamentally change the future.

“It is significantly less expensive and more effective to prevent problems early than to deal with problems later. This is the most important investment we can make.”

Healthy children who succeed in school and find positive outlets for play and recreation are far more likely to become productive, contributing members of the community. This is why early childhood development programs like “Start Small. Think Big.” are so important for the future of our region.

Our Funders (2015-2017)

Impact Monadnock is funded by (listed alphabetically):



Hoffman Family Foundation
Markem Imaje

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

The Putnam Foundation

Rick and Jan Cohen

Impact Monadnock thanks these funders, along with many other community members, for generous contributions that make this work possible.