Start Small. Think Big.

Because the future of the entire Monadnock Region depends on the success of our youngest citizens.


Impact Monadnock is a community-led, nonprofit organization dedicated to positive and sustainable social change in the Monadnock Region.


Impact Monadnock started as a working group of local residents, sponsored in part by Monadnock United Way and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. The first goal was to identify key drivers of change in the region – the issues most critical to our community’s future.

Impact Monadnock began by engaging outside experts to compile and analyze data on the Monadnock region, and to identify which issues would have the most impact on the future success of our community.

Two reports were issued, in two phases, on community well-being in the region. Both the Phase I and Phase II reports were in agreement that the future prosperity and success of our community is critically dependent on the welfare of its youngest citizens.

In other words, if we want a strong Monadnock region 10, 20 and 30 years from now, we need to start focusing NOW on the well-being of our young children and their families.

“Healthy children who live in a nurturing home, school, and community environment are more likely to achieve success in school and seek career opportunities after high school that contribute to economic growth.”
— “An Investment in Community Well-Being: Preparing Monadnock Area Children for the Future”

Key Research & Reports

PHASE I: Community Well-Being in the Monadnock Region

Phase I concluded with the report, Community Well-Being in the Monadnock Region. Identified in the report are the Monadnock Region’s greatest areas of need: educational attainment, economic opportunity and child welfare. The study was based on statewide benchmarks and carefully developed local data. Information in the Phase I report would guide a working group during Phase II.

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PHASE II: An Investment in Community Well-Being

A working group of local residents released a report documenting a unique and ambitious project aimed at driving major improvements in the social and economic welfare of southwestern New Hampshire.

The Phase II Report identifies a strategic framework for action:

  • Develop a set of principles to guide Phase III action
  • Backbone structures and functions
  • Continuous communication and collaboration
  • Intervention targets and strategies
  • Outcome indicators and a measurement platform

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Backbone Partners: Monadnock United Way & Spark NH

Using the Collective Impact model, Impact Monadnock is supported by two organizational “Backbones”: Monadnock United Way and Spark NH.

MUW is a regional non-profit dedicated to improving lives by mobilizing diverse partners and investing in programs and people to create long-lasting measurable change. Spark NH is a governor-appointed early childhood advisory council created to promote a comprehensive system of early childhood programs and services in New Hampshire. MUW provides management, operations, and marketing support while Spark NH lends its expertise in the area of early childhood development. The work of Impact Monadnock is closely linked to the missions of both Backbone Partners.

Steering Committee

A cross-sector Steering Committee used the Phase I and Phase II reports, sample frameworks provided by Spark NH and other resources to guide the development of the Strategic Plan. While the team disbanded in May 2016, many members of the Steering Committee (listed below) continue to volunteer on Impact Monadnock’s Implementation Teams.

Karen Atkins, Division of Children, Youth & Family Services
Dottie Bauer, Ed.D., Keene State College
Elizabeth Chipman, Keene Housing Kids Collaborative
LeeAnn Clark, Monadnock Community Hospital
Retired Detective Bob Collinsworth, Keene Police Department
Cari Coates, Conval School District
Amber Connary, Parent
Liz Coppola, Keene Family YMCA
Toni Ellsworth, Rise for baby and family
Dr. Kathy Fisher, Cheshire Medical Center
Laura Gingrass, Monadnock Community Hospital
Jocelyn Goldblatt, The Orchard School
Cathy Gray, Cedarcrest
Susan Loman, Professor, Antioch University New England
Nancy Macalaster, Sophia’s Hearth Family Center
Lisa Mahar, Monadnock Waldorf School
Christine McCullough, Parent
Susan Meehan, Retired (SAU 29)
Kerry Belknap Morris, M.Ed., River Valley Community College
Melinda Mosier, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
Jay Pettapiece, SelmanCo
Suelaine Poling, Keene Day Care Center
Rich Randall, Polyonics
Sheriff Eli Rivera, Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office
Kris Roberts, State Rep/School Board
Roberta Royce, Winchester Learning Center
Dr. Art Simington, Cheshire Medical Center
Katie Schwerin, W.S. Badger Company
Betty Tatro, Monadnock Regional School Board
Amy Theriault, Parent
Chuck Weed, Cheshire County Commissioner
Andrea Wright, C&S Wholesale Grocers
Gail Zachariah, Keene Public Library