Start Small. Think Big.

Because the future of the entire Monadnock Region depends on the success of our youngest citizens.

Impact Monadnock unveils strategic plan for improving the lives and futures of all who live in the Monadnock Region


Keene, NH – What’s the single most important thing a community can do to ensure a stable, prosperous future for all its residents?

“Provide for the well-being of young children,” says Marjorie Droppa, Ph.D. Droppa is project director for the Early Childhood Development Initiative of Impact Monadnock, a community-driven organization focused on improving the overall well-being of the Monadnock Region by addressing the most compelling determinant of a thriving community: Early Childhood Development. Formed in 2014 as a coalition of local leaders and citizens from all walks of life, Impact Monadnock recently released its strategic plan (“Start Small. Think Big.”) for improving the lives and future of all those who live in the community.

NH Listens to Partner with Impact Monadnock for Advancing Early Child Development

Keene, NH –  Impact Monadnock, a local organization focused on improving the health and prosperity of the Monadnock region through focusing on early child development, will receive program assistance from NH Listens, a statewide organization dedicated to building strong communities in the Granite State.

Support for this partnership comes from the Endowment for Health, which awarded a grant to NH Listens for the purpose of providing technical assistance to selected early child development organizations within the state. 

Impact Monadnock launches new website and video featuring community members speaking out for early child development

Keene, NH – Impact Monadnock has officially launched a new website, which includes a locally-produced video featuring business owners, parents, educators, a minister, a police detective and other area citizens speaking out for early child development.

“Our goal with this new site and video is to educate and motivate the local community to become more aware and involved in helping children age zero to five, and their families,” said Marjorie Droppa, Ph.D., Project Director for Impact Monadnock.

As an organization, Impact Monadnock is fairly new on the scene.  A community-led nonprofit,  Impact Monadnock is dedicated to positive and sustainable social change in the Monadnock Region.  The group started as a working group of local residents, sponsored in part by Monadnock United Way and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. Its first goal was to assess the issues most critical to our community’s future and the key drivers of change in the region.

Sentinel Source features Impact Monadnock in April 2016 edition of “Parent Express” magazine

Impact Monadnock’s mission of promoting investment in early child development was the subject of a full-page article in the Keene Sentinel Source’s “Parent Express” magazine for April, 2016.  In addition to providing an overview of Impact Monadnock for readers, writer Gary Custer gives a full update on our recent activities and future plans.  Read the full article here.