Start Small. Think Big.

Because the future of the entire Monadnock Region depends on the success of our youngest citizens.

Crime, substance abuse, low graduation rates , teen pregnancy... most of the problems facing our community today are really the result of not investing in early childhood.

-Jeff Miller, Former President, MARKEM

One of the most important things we can do for struggling families is stop judging and start supporting. Parenting is hard! Offer help if you can.

-Amber Connary Larareo, Parent/Educator, Keene

A commitment to the health and education of each and every child is the wisest investment, with the greatest return, we can make. It is an investment in the well-being of our entire community, not only for today but for our future.  It is this equal opportunity from day one to obtain a quality education that will provide the economic growth and sustainability that our families and our region need.

-Molly Kelly, State Senator, District 10

As a result of the critical need in our community surfacing through the Community Needs Assessment and Phase II work/report, a collective approach to early childhood development is a priority for us.

-Kathy Collinsworth, Former President, Monadnock United Way

All Granite Staters, regardless of circumstance, deserve the opportunity to share in our high quality of life, success and prosperity, and the hard work of the collective impact initiative in the Monadnock Region is helping us achieve that goal. Impact Monadnock has been thorough in their research and inclusive in their outreach, serving as a model for the kind of collective problem-solving that will help strengthen our families, communities and economy.

-Maggie Hassan, Governor of New Hampshire