Start Small. Think Big.

Because the future of the entire Monadnock Region depends on the success of our youngest citizens.

Faith Community Ambassadors

When it comes to championing the well-being of families and children, faith leaders have always been in the forefront. Today, as the forces of social change buffet our community, we need our faith leaders more than ever to remind us that we are all one family — and that our fates interconnect. Here are just a few ways that faith leaders can help make a difference for young children and their families in the Monadnock region.


Learn More

Read a variety of compelling reports on early childhood development from a faith-based perspective.

Speak Up

Be an advocate for early childhood education in a variety of forums & public meetings, personal communications, and through the media.

  • Utilizing the research and reports available (such as the ones mentioned above), share information and evidence about the importance of investing in early childhood with other members of your faith-based community.  Inspire and mobilize others to support the issue!

Call on local and state policymakers to ask what they are doing to support early childhood initiatives, and encourage them to embrace investment in evidence-based practices as one way to help strengthen our community.

Take Action

Join the board of a local early childhood organization.

Volunteer to support early childhood education programs.

  • Whether it’s volunteering in the classroom to support teachers, or just helping maintain attractive school grounds for students to take pride in, you can play a role in improving early childhood programs.
  • Explore the possibility of partnerships between the school, the community, and your place of worship. On-going, sustained partnerships can provide long-term benefits.

Provide support for families so that each child at risk today will have the opportunity to become a responsible adult and a good neighbor tomorrow.

Host a screening of Raising New Hampshire: The Early Years and invite friends, members of your place of worship, and other community members to discuss how they could take action to support early childhood at the local level.

Join Shepherding the Next Generation, an advocacy group of evangelical pastors and leaders who speak out on behalf of children at risk by engaging policymakers and the public and motivating others to live out the command “to love our neighbors as ourselves.”