Start Small. Think Big.

Because the future of the entire Monadnock Region depends on the success of our youngest citizens.

Law Enforcement Ambassadors

As a law enforcement professional, you know that keeping the peace means so much more than crime prevention.  For you, it’s also about creating a safe, stable community — a place where crime rates fall because people care enough to do what’s right, especially when it comes to children and families. Here’s what you can do to make a difference!


Learn More

Read compelling reports and publications on why and how law enforcement can play a crucial role in early childhood development.

Watch the videos on this website, especially “Start Small. Think Big,” to hear why early child development is critical to our community’s future.

Speak Up

Be an advocate for early childhood education in forums, public meetings (such as town budget hearings), personal communications, and through the media.

Utilizing the research and reports available (such as the ones mentioned above), communicate the importance of investing in early childhood education as one of the best ways to prevent violence and crime. Other great talking points can be found here.

Call on local and state policymakers to ask what they are doing to support early childhood initiatives, and encourage them to embrace investment in evidence-based practices as one way to create a stronger, healthier and safer community.

Take Action

Join the board of a local early childhood organization.

Partner with or initiate parent coaching/support programs for at-risk parents of young children — a proven way to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Partner with or initiate effective out-of-school programs to help keep young children on a path toward success.

Partner with DCYF in their home visits with at-risk families, developing a positive relationship with the families and increasing trust in law enforcement.

Identify and help at-risk children by providing them and their parents with effective interventions so their children avoid a life of crime.

Volunteer to support early childhood education programs. Whether it’s volunteering in the classroom to support teachers, or just helping maintain attractive school grounds for students to take pride in, you can play a role in improving early childhood programs.

Explore the possibility of partnerships between the school, the community, and local law enforcement. On-going, sustained partnerships can provide long-term benefits.

Join Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, an anti-crime organization of nearly 5,000 police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors, and violence survivors.