Start Small. Think Big.

Because the future of the entire Monadnock Region depends on the success of our youngest citizens.

Policymaker Ambassadors

What will the Monadnock region be like 10, 20 or 30 years from now? As a policymaker, you have the power to set agendas and implement programs that will have far-reaching consequences for our community’s future. By acting now to help local families and children achieve their potential, you can ensure that our community is successful, stable and prosperous for decades to come.


Here’s how you can make a difference:

Learn More

Learn about infant- and toddler-related policy issues. Explore policies and programs that support good health, strong families and positive learning experiences.

Learn about public policy strategies around building early childhood systems.

Explore federal policy and state/community policy approaches that could be taken to meet the needs of children zero to five.

Watch the videos on this website, especially “Start Small. Think Big,” to hear why early child development is critical to our community’s future.

Speak Up

Be an advocate for early childhood education in a variety of forums & public meetings, personal communications, and through the media.

  • Utilizing the research and reports available (such as the ones mentioned above), share information and evidence about the importance of investing in early childhood. Inspire and mobilize others to support the issue!

Talk to other policymakers in your network about early childhood initiatives and encourage them to advocate for policies that will benefit the development of children age birth to five.

Take Action

Support existing bills or sponsor new legislation around early childhood policies. Get involved with Spark NH’s Policy Committee to learn about current early childhood policy initiatives in the state of New Hampshire.

Be a “Big Voice for Little Kids” and join the ZERO TO THREE Policy Network. The ZERO TO THREE Policy Network is a vehicle for professionals to use their knowledge and expertise to impact public policy for infants, toddlers, and their families.

Join the board of a local early childhood organization.

Volunteer to support early childhood education programs. From reading in a classroom to assisting with out-of-school programming for young children, your volunteerism can make a difference.

Host a screening of Raising New Hampshire: The Early Years, inviting fellow policymakers and constituents to discuss how they could take action to support early childhood at the local level.